Inspired by Aliya Mustafina and one magical week in summer 2012.
We’ll always have London.
I am MUSTAFIED and it seems I am not alone
Ah, those eyes

Ah, those eyes


Well Done Aliya


Keeping the ART in Artistic Gymnasticsimage

She is just soo….image

Great performances after disappointing qualy. Her All Around FX sent shivers up my spine and the AA BB, solid. And to top it all off, who’d have thought it, a medal yes, but Gold… believe!image

So what next?

Conspiracy theory

Anyone know why Grishi replaced Aliya in FX final?

Aliya’s decision or Valentina Rodionenko’s?

Or am I too suspicious?

Jenni <3 ??

Just saw Jennifer Pinches on BBC say:

"She’s such an inspiring gymnast, we still look up to her.
Not only is she an absolutely brilliant gymnast, but she is also very modest, a team player, she’s just really what you can call beautiful”

Who is she talking about?

Why Aliya of course


anyone shipping Aliya and Larisa…

that would be


Sorry Aliya, Masha seems to be taking over my posts

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Time for some more Masha

and Mama

Masha looking so seductive

Masha looking so seductive